Live ‘Meat Factory’ to Go into Full Production at Gulfood Manufacturing

Morocco World News

Dubai - Gulfood Manufacturing, the Middle East’s biggest food manufacturing, processing and packaging, logistics and materials handling exhibition, will feature a ‘live’ meat factory when it opens its doors at Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) for a three-day run from 7 November, 2016.

Germany’s United Food Technology Equipment (UFT) will build, equip and operate the ‘meat factory’ - complete with cold and dry stores, injection, tumbler, grinding and chopping machinery - in a bid to demonstrate how leading meat product companies can optimise their own facilities to save cost and generate revenue.

UFT’s General Manager in Dubai, Werner Muller, says there’s more to turning a profit in the industry than just buying in the latest technology.

“Acquiring the latest meat processing technology is always done with pre-defined expectations, specifically that new technologies will produce products exactly the way the customer wants it, allowing companies to instantly monetise their investment. This, however, is easier said than done.

“Selecting and purchasing the equipment is only the first step – it is correct equipment usage, product recipe development, targeted price point, margins and product yields where clients differentiate themselves from other competitors.”

Differentiation-in-action will be the core theme at Gulfood Manufacturing’s UFT Meat Factory where the company’s own Master Butcher will demonstrate the finer art of how to maximise return-on-investment.

“This will be done by demonstrating how to combine the correct usage of the latest meat processing technology with product development, yield optimisation and commercial skills,” added Muller. “Apart from the demonstrations we will have experts on hand to advise on meat processing challenges and investment plans.”

DWTC, the Gulfood Manufacturing organiser, says the show is more than just a product showcase.

“Suppliers are going well beyond the traditional exhibition displays and turning their attention to all aspects of the industry supply chain. Innovation and automation are watch words among this year’s exhibitors and Gulfood Manufacturing is an academy for food professionals who recognise the need to stay abreast of the rapid changes within the sector,” explained Trixie LohMirmand, Senior Vice President, Exhibitions and Events Management, DWTC.

“At the show the region’s food and beverage processing industry will be able to connect with suppliers from 52 countries showcasing the very latest manufacturing business improvement tools. Over 1,500 global suppliers of the latest ingredients, processing, packaging and logistics solutions will be on hand to help solve production, capacity and automation challenges. These are solutions that can save producers money which can then be reinvested into product diversification, research & development and marketing.”

Gulfood Manufacturing 2016 is an impressive 20 per cent larger than last year’s event and will see international food manufacturers, suppliers and industry service providers fill 13 DWTC halls.

The show comes as Alpen Capital, one of the region’s leading research providers, predicts a positive outlook for regional food producers with a high reliance on imports reflecting the need for an advanced food processing industry.

“While Saudi Arabia and the UAE are the hubs for processed foods in the GCC region, other member nations are also investing in developing their processing capabilities,” says the Alpen Capital report.

Gulfood Manufacturing will be split into three specialist areas across more than 77,000 square metres of exhibition space: Ingredients Middle East, featuring fine and functional ingredients and the latest bulk and commodity ingredients, innovations, tastes and flavours; ProPack Middle East covering automation, processing equipment and packaging machinery; and Logistics Solutions Middle East for firms involved in materials handling, transport, IT and technology solutions, warehousing and facilitators and service providers.

Gulfood Manufacturing 2016 will feature exhibitors from 52 countries including 29 official national pavilions including production machinery leaders Austria, Germany, Italy, Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan and the United Kingdom. The show will also welcome first-time pavilions representing Indonesia, Ireland, Russia and South Africa. DWTC says it will also roll out its most extensive Hosted Buyer Programme for the show which will be sponsored by Tetra Pak. More than 2,000 of the most prominent industrial buyers from across the Middle East and Africa are being invited to the event and supported with complimentary flights, accommodation and transport to and from the show.

The show will also host a series of specialist conferences, including the Food Logistics Forum – the region’s only F&B specific logistics event to probe critical issues shaping the future profitability and sustainability of the entire food value chain.




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