My trial with Time

Zineb Raji

“Tick, tick, tick, its time, wake up daughter!!”

With a tight throat and closed eyes I replied, “Who is talking here?”

A voice answered, “This is the due date, open your eyes and wake up, time is fed up with you and has filed a lawsuit against you.”

I opened my eyes and was surprised to find myself in the middle of a huge courtroom. Although I could not see clearly as it was dark, I noticed that the courtroom was staffed with people staring at me. I asked, “Why am I behind bars, what did I do wrong? Am I dreaming, dead or what?”

The judge replied. “You are in custody in the planet’s universal tribunal, because you have been found guilty of wasting the time of time. After the plaintiff (time) filed a lawsuit against you, our angel authorities have launched an investigation over a long period of time and found out that the plaintiff is right in its claims. You have exceeded all limits, and you cannot escape this trial; you have breached your contract with time.”

“What contract?” I said: “There must be a mistake here, I don't remember having made any deal of this kind.” “Yes, you did,” said the judge. “Before you accepted this physical experience, you had inked a deal with time, air, nature, earth, water, and all other elements necessary for your survival and growth, and you pledged to respect these terms, no matter what, because you desired so much the physical experience of this planet.”

I replied in an annoyed voice, “I do not even think what you are doing here is legal, we do not have such laws in earth, can I have at least a lawyer, and call few witnesses who are familiar with my behaviors and manners.” “We are not interested in what others see in you, because we see what others cannot. This is not a trial in the conventional sense at all, nobody but yourself can get you out of your own trouble. Daughter, don’t waste my time too.” The Judge then called the plaintiff (time) and said, “You may now proceed with making your case and requests clear before the audience, persecutors and everybody else.”

“But,” I interrupted, “time does not speak, nor it has a language or a tongue, or even hold grudge.”

Judge: “Are you sure, do you really know what time is? Is it a movement, a living thing, or something else? Does it have any boundaries? You know nothing about time, you cannot stop it, go backward or forward. May be you can feel it, but you can never speak what it is. Ask the newly born, young, and old about time, they know nothing, time just happens to them. Some people think that they know it as they measure and label time in terms of hours, months, and years, and with their grammar rules of the past, present, and future, but they know nothing about time. With a majestic voice, the judge said, open your mind daughter to all possibilities because all possibilities are possible, and you know nothing about what is possible.”

Time then started speaking: Your honor, this human being has wasted me so much and abused me on a regular basis. She is all the time so busy doing nothing. God has fashioned me to be an efficient tool to serve greatness in her, and I refuse to be treated with negligence and indifference. I am gracefully respected in all other planets and so greatly used and valued. Yet, earth is the only place where am squandered like am useless. She is trying to forget me, destroy me, and deny me all the time. Don’t you see your clock, am ticking away, you have a fixed amount that will expire before you know it, and you…”

I interrupted time by asking the judge, “Your honor, may I speak please, these allegations are absolutely false and without merit. They are in conflict with my principles, am always on time for work, I respect others’ time, and I enjoy time,” I said, "Time is really important for me."

Judge said, “Please wait your turn to speak daughter. Please time, resume.”

Yes, your honor, I was saying that this human being hardly has time to look at the people around her, and to look at herself sincerely. I saw her every day, changing her hair color, her clothes, and make-up to always look better. But this is not the right way to better yourself, is it?” Time looked at me and said angrily, “You don’t know how to use me to get in touch with yourself, do you ? You have millions of ways to waste me, you watch TV and letting it colonize you, listen to music non-stop, oversleep, talk hours and hours on the phone. Always away from yourself , in need of the mental stimulus of entertainment and all the time complaining that you don’t have enough time to do what you know you should be doing.”

After a pause the plaintiff resumed, “You are left with little time that I wish you could use to be peaceful, mindful, walk slowly, breathe deeply, smile, see clearly, listen attentively, feel deeply, appreciate everyone, give enough time to every little thing you do, enjoy me, every moment will never reoccur again and soon it will be too late.”

I said, “But time, listen, how am I supposed to enjoy you when am depressed, angry, irritated, down, and all I need is to spend you somehow and forget you, because sometimes I do not know what to do with you?”

Time replied, “If you do not have the courage to stand up and face your sorrow in every second, you will never live a full life; you are much bigger than depression and any other feelings that put you down. In lieu of that, you and others are creating hell on earth, so hectic, and printing anxiety and sorrow wherever you go. Most of you do not even know what they want, sometimes they want different things at the same time, and whatever you have in the moment, is exactly the thing that you hate the most. After all, you do not want to change, but you want things to change, and you keep complaining all the time.”

The prosecutor finally spoke but with words sharper than the sharpest sword. “This human being is way off base, she deserves no more time on earth.”

“No, no, no,” I said in shock, “give me another change. You don’t understand, I have so many problems in my life, am trying to live and hopefully things will get better in the future. Give me one more chance.”

The prosecutor answered, “You are not on earth to try or to prepare to live, but to live, things may seem chaotic, disorganized and random in your life, only because you cannot understand, with your little mind, the higher order concealed.”

The judge spoke some words of wisdom. “Daughter, I wish that you will sometime realize the timeless behind time, the state that is untouchable by time, then you will feel intensely alive. Listen, after the jury examined the case, the provided evidence and heard both sides, you have been found guilty for each of the time’s claims. Therefore, you have been sentenced to lead a very organized life in which time is used very wisely, planned, and all trivial time wasting parasites (TV, oversleep and so on) are removed. Be generous and share your time with those who need it, feel them, and make them happy, wake up early, work on your life purpose and only what matters most for you, see beauty in everything, and know that you can get more of anything you want in this life, but not time.”

After a moment of silence I said, “Your honor, can I appeal to a higher tribunal?”“The verdicts are final, as such matters stands only within the jurisdiction of this court. In addition, you still have other pending allegations, water also filed a lawsuit against you, but this is a trial for another time.”

By that time, the sun was rising, I could see clearly the faces of all attendees, they were all me, but at different ages. The judge was projection of my old self in my 60s with a strong character and overall good shape. The prosecutor, however, looked very old in around 90s with a dried-up face like an old apple. The plaintiff was a young, pretty, and perfect woman, full of energy and enthusiastic. The court audience was filled with my past versions, for every moment of my past life, some were sad, others were crying, some with a poker face, and very few happy.

I suddenly woke up frightened and screaming:

“Oh my God, time tried to get its vengeance and kill me!”

“No,” time said, “it’s not your time yet, I am just trying to wake you up.”




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